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Kwik Kopy Lufkin offers you a wide range of postcard printing options. We use quality materials and processes to give you a superior product. Color postcard printing has a number of valuable benefits:

  1. Self Promotion - Color postcard printing has legs. They can be seen and read numerous times once they reach their destination. Sell your service or product with mailers, handouts, or leave-behinds.
  2. Branding - Keep your company name and message in front of your customers. Use color postcard printing to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Website Promotion - Send customers to your website with color postcard printing and give people the chance to find out more about you and your work.
  4. Custom Sizes - If you have a color postcard printing project that involves a size that is not listed on this website, just click on a custom quote button, send us your request and we will respond within 24 hours.

Postal Regulations
Please note the requirements for proper automated handling of your postcard printing by the Post Office. Please be sure your backside layout or mailing panel complies with the proper template. If you are planning on having your cards mailed by a mail house other than Kwik Kopy Lufkin, we recommend that you contact them to ensure your layout will not present any problems.

Postcard Mailing Options
What is the difference between First Class and Bulk rate mailing? First-Class Mail is your best choice for time-sensitive postcard printing mailings. It is generally delivered in 3-5 days nationally. U.S. Bulk rate, also known as Standard Mail, offers lower postage rates but with a longer delivery time. You can expect delivery in 10-14 days nationally. Also, First Class delivery is consistent throughout the year while Bulk rate can take considerably longer at peak mailing periods such as the holidays.

Mailing Standard size postcard printing at Bulk rate prices
It is seldom cost-effective to do so and may even cost more than mailing this size postcard printing at the First Class postcard rate. Bulk rate only offers discounts from the higher letter rate and does not offer lower postage for postcard size pieces.

Actual Postage rates
For your specific postcard printing project, postage is based upon the geographic concentration & quantity of actual postcards mailed. Example: A postcard printing of 10,000 cards mailed to a concentrated area in your own city will pay a much lower rate than a postcard printing of 1000 cards mailed to a list of widely scattered rural areas. One of the major factors in receiving discounted postage rates comes from preparing your postcard printing for mailing. For instance, sorting the postcards by Zip Code and delivering the postcards to a specific postal facility lowered, and so are your postcard printing rates.

Some of the Industry Groups that we have printed postcards for are:

  • Real Estate postcard printing
  • Medical postcard printing
  • Insurance postcard printing
  • Automotive postcard printing
  • Construction postcard printing
  • Banking postcard printing
  • Fashion postcard printing
  • Restaurant postcard printing
  • Entertainment postcard printing
  • Hotel postcard printing
  • Oil and Gas postcard printing
  • Transportation postcard printing
  • Communications postcard printing

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