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Five hundred years of printing history have led to today’s printing future. To meet the on-demand need in today’s market, digital printing is the perfect solution. Each sheet through the press can be different allowing endless variable data possibilities. This powerful technology will impact all printing markets giving you short run digital printing color options at a very attractive price.

Digital printing equipment
Color digital printing equipment has evolved to the point that the quality can be equal to and sometimes better than traditional offset printing. Digital printing presses afford better overall color control by giving the pressman control of not just color density but also dot gain. Digital printing presses also produce work with less color variance throughout the run.

What items are a good fit for digital printing?
Items such as Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards, Business Cards are but some examples. If your quantity is low to medium and you need it fast, then color digital printing is the solution. Kwik Kopy Lufkin has created an online quoting form so you can submit your project to us for a quick quote. Variables such as quantity and finished size determine when digital printing makes sense.

Variable Data Printing
Another benefit that color digital printing affords is the ability to run variable data work. This means that each sheet that comes out of the digital printing press can have different copy or images on it. For instance if you wanted to send out 2000 postcards and have each card personalized with the person’s name and/or company name, this is the way to do it. The content that changes from card to card is up to you. The cost for Variable Data Printing is not much more than producing a static color printing job. Because of some of the details that we need to know, please call or email us to get a quote on your your next mailing or presentation to get noticed then variable data printing is just the ticket.

Why is digital printing faster than offset printing?
Our digital printing equipment can print on both sides of the press sheet in one pass. The press sheets come out dry and ready to move on to the next step. This is a big advantage since traditional offset printing can sometimes take 24 hours before it can be handled.

How about quality?
All of our digital printing is done using current digital press technology. As always, the best results are attained when 300dpi files are supplied, containing high quality images. Overall, digital printing will yield great results at the best price possible.

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